Archie – Orange Winged Amazon – 7230913

Hello, my name is Archie, I am an Orange Winged Amazon. I really am a man’s bird but I am happy to share a home with women and older children as long as they know I am a little bit nervous of them and don’t want to be cuddled by them.

I will accept a treat from anyone though so you don’t have to stay away from me. Once I learn to trust a man I will follow him round the house and sit up on his shoulder, I like to bow my head and have my head and neck rubbed. I sometimes get a bit cross and can give a bit of a bite but my body language is quite easy to read once you get to know me a bit. I am a kind bird but can be a bit nervous. 

I LOVE to chew and am very happy if you give me a paperback of my own to chew through. I am happy to go to bed and will settle down and sleep all night, my safe house Mum and Dad put me to bed at 7:30 every night and get me up at 7:30 every morning. I don’t make a peep all night and I am always happy to see them in the morning. I do love my food and love to share yours too but you do have to watch me as I will steal food from your plate if I get a chance even if it is something I shouldn’t have. I do love to share a meal with you so I like it if you prepare me a little bit of food that is safe for me to eat at the same time. I love my fruit and veg, especially carrot, banana and blueberries. My feathers are a little scruffy as my beak was a bit rough and I over preened but they are growing back in and my safehouse, Mum says I am absolutely beautiful. I do like a good, loud, shout but never for very long and I will often greet you with a cheery ‘Hello’ when you come into the room. I take a little while to build trust but if you are patient man with me I will be your very best friend. 

Cage: Yes

Location: Devon

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