Volley- Senegal – 660415

Hi my name is Volley, I am a Senegal and I am 21 years young.  My safehouse mum says I am a lovely boy.  

I love company but I prefer to be handled on my terms, however, I think in time that will change as I am only just getting used to having attention given to me. I have bitten a couple of times but please don’t hold that against me as I didn’t mean to do it, I just went into self defence mode and I am doing this less and less as time goes on.  I am scared of children so I would prefer a house without any of those please! I don’t mind dogs or cats as long as they are calm, I will growl at them at first just to let them know who’s boss!  My safehouse mum is my main carer but I would love to have a man to care for me as I prefer them. I am beginning to enjoy fruit and am on Zupreem pellets.  I am quiet most of the time but I do like to remind you that I am around if I think you are ignoring me by letting out a very loud screech.  I don’t mind being left on my own for a short time I like the radio or children’s TV and/or watching the world go by if I am near a window.  

 Please consider taking me into your home I promise to be a good boy, I just want to be loved.  I can even bring my own cage and toys with me.  What are you waiting for? apply today!! I can’t wait to meet you! Love Volley x 

Cage: Yes

Location: Farnborough

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