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Skyla – Moustache Parakeet – 020620 – Aviary/Tame Bird

I would like to introduce myself; my name is Skyla and I am a female Mustache Parakeet.

I am currently in a safe house looking for my forever home. My Safehouse family say I am the most beautiful bird they have ever seen, but sadly they do not know anything about my past as I was found in somebody’s garden. I have a brand-new name Skyla which I am slowly getting used to, My Safehouse family think that I would be perfect for an aviary or a very large indoor cage. I love toys especially wood, I now have big blocks of safe wood which I can chew, and this makes me happy, otherwise I tend to chew my perches so have nowhere to perch.

When I am out of my cage, I am not destructive, I like to sit quietly playing with my toys and yes guess what even more wood. I am a confident flyer, but I don’t fly much as I prefer to just sit and play with toys or chew wood which is my favourite past time. I make funny noises and one of them is I sound like a dinosaur, and when I get used to you I will make kiss noises when you come into the room.I am a little scared of dogs, but as long as they stay away from my cage I am alright with that.

I am not fussy with food, I am a very good eater I like all fruit and veg, my favourite being corn on the cob, I also like nuts and my seed and pellets that I have been given.

I fall asleep at sunset and like my cage to be covered, and I awake at sunrise but I am quiet. I do like to greet you in the morning with my morning wakeup call which is not loud really but sounds like an alarm.

As I am getting used to such a big change, I am not keen on hands but if you have the patience and time to work with me I am sure I will learn to be ok with them. At the moment with hands either in or out of the cage I make noises and lunge at you, but I do not bite I only rub my beak on your finger, I am just trying to figure out all of the new things to me.

I know there is somebody out there who is the right person to offer me a new home, and help me to grow to accept all these new things I am learning, I look forward to seeing you, thank you for looking, Skyla.

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Aviary, Companion
Moustache Parakeet
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