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Darcy – Ducorps Cockatoo – 2347 - Special Case

Hi, my name is Darcy and I am an adorable Ducorps cockatoo who loves to dance. I was named after the ballerina and Strictly judge, Darcy Bussell. I do indeed look like a ballerina, as my wing feathers look like a glorious tutu.

I am a special needs bird and need close monitoring and supervision. I had suffered severe zinc poisoning , and was very poorly when I came to Birdline. I had to be hospitalised a number of times: to be chelated, for plucking a blood feather, and once for severely mutilating myself. I am severely plucked across my back and front, but I have now grown enough flight feathers to fly a bit, which has helped my confidence and I haven’t mutilated since. I will however need ongoing treatment, including medication, bi-annual vet visits and blood tests, so I do need to live near to a qualified avian vet and my keeper will need access to a car in case of emergencies.

Unfortunately, I do have some behavioural issues, in particular I have a tendency to over-bond with humans. Once I have found my chosen human, I will be a cuddle bunny, with them, but I can be aggressive towards other people. So I need someone who will understand me and my mood swings; ideally a person living on their own whom I can be devoted to and vice-versa. I may also get cross with other animals sharing my human and I have been known to bully and attack them – even through the cage bars. So it would be best for any other birds to be bigger than me.I will really thrive in a calm, loving home with an experienced owner , who is home the majority of the time, and will make me their priority. I am not noisy (unlike most cockatoos), so you could live in a flat or attached house. So how about it…could I be the love of your life – your gorgeous little princess? In return I will be entirely devoted to you.

As Darcy has chronic health problems she is one of Birdline’s sponsored birds and any un-insurable vet bills will be covered by Birdline, throughout her life.

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