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Can you offer one of these parrots a forever home? We try our hardest to match you, and your family, with the right parrot, which will be based on their needs, and yours, so that you can all have a fantastic life together.

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Daisy – Red Lored Amazon – 2480413

Hi, my name is Daisy and I am a beautiful Red Lored Amazon.

I am very tame when I get use to people, I will allow myself to be turned on my back for a tickle. I like nothing more than to nestle in the crook of an arm and be stroked…. I do prefer men. I can be aggressive to begin with until you get to know me, but I am just a bit scared that’s all. I really do not mean to be like this, you just need to give me time to get familiar with you.

Like most Amazons, I can shriek for attention, but what’s a girl to do? I want you all to myself. I like my quiet time in the afternoons, so I like to be out in the morning and evenings. I love a big cardboard box, big enough for me to get inside and play.

I love my nutriberries but can be fussy with my fruit & veg. I love pomegranate’s and corn on the cob. I will eat mixed veg if it is mashed.

Can you offer me a home where I will be your world? I would love to have a dad to call my own to give me lots of tickles and loves. I will reward you with my love and affection.

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