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Can you offer one of these parrots a forever home? We try our hardest to match you, and your family, with the right parrot, which will be based on their needs, and yours, so that you can all have a fantastic life together.

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Cookie – Orange Winged Amazon – 4440613

Hi I am Cookie

I like my routine with my safe house mum and family. I love my food (a little to much lol) I will definitely let you know when it’s breakfast time and give a little reminder I am here when you have dinner.

I try fruit but am not that keen. I love my seed and veg but my favourite treat is boiled eggs and Walnuts still in the shell. I will chat with everyone big or small but please don’t touch me I don’t like hands at the moment. I don’t bite though – just run away.

I love to come out and sit on my cage,  I could do this all day. I live with other birds but I don’t like them, so a home where I can have all the attention would be great.

Unfortunately I can no longer fly due to old injuries but will try to if I am startled. I have a hoover fetish, switch it on and I will sing and have a bath in my water bowl. I love being sprayed too, every time mum sprays me, I open my wings to get a proper shower.

I would love to find a home were I can be an only bird, as other birds can scare me and I can’t get away very well. I really would love hugs and cuddles but just can’t make that big step at the moment, I’m sure with time and TLC I will learn to trust.

I am fine with kids as long as they know not to touch me,  I currently live with dogs and cats but obviously don’t share time out with them.

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