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Can you offer one of these parrots a forever home? We try our hardest to match you, and your family, with the right parrot, which will be based on their needs, and yours, so that you can all have a fantastic life together.

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Simon – Orange Winged Amazon – 7210913

ello, my name is Simon and I’m a cheeky Orange Winged Amazon. I’m looking for a fairly quiet home with maybe just one other bird as company.

I’m not really destructive but I do love a cardboard box to go in and make funny noises, or just a big bit of cardboard to chew on. I don’t really like young children; I tend to stay away from them.

When you let me out, if you don’t keep an eye on me, I will disappear. I love to go wandering around the house and like to chew on anything wooden given half a chance. I tend to walk everywhere rather than fly. I don’t step up but am slowly getting a bit more into the idea of it! I love a head scratch and I open my wings all the way out for you to spray me…whilst dunking my head in my drinking water and woofing like a dog!! Being an Amazon I can be noisy and sometimes when I am not happy, I can start to shout, but I do calm down. Like all birds I shout for my breakfast, and my tea. Once settled though I am quiet

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