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Eaton - (Northern Dutch Frill) Canary - 010920

Hi, my name is Eaton, I am a very fancy little canary with frilly wings.

I was found in Belgravia; I flew in through a kind man’s kitchen window and he rescued me and handed me into Birdline.

My leg ring says I am quite a young canary. I must have lived all my life in a cage, because although I am a good flyer and am super-fast, I get worn out quickly.

I am not tame and would like a lovely big aviary cage to live in, where I can flit around and sing to my heart’s content. Could you winter me to go in an aviary with other Canaries in the spring?

Currently I live in the same room as a budgie and we sit as close together as we can in our individual cages. I promise I am no trouble to look after and I would make the right person a lovely little companion.

My original home cannot be found so now I am looking for a new forever home/Aviary (Aviary springtime only)!!.



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Aviary, Companion
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London (Greater)