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Max & Cocky- Alexandrines-1440 & 2365

Hello,  I am Max and this is my Best Bud Cocky.
We are inseparable, in fact, I admit I get a wee bit anxious whenever Cocky goes for a ride on the Safehouse dad’s shoulder, but if I do it, I do not give a squawk what he is up to.
I just enjoy the attention and coo at the man-shape whilst either trying to feed him or shoving my head in his ear.

Our Safehouse mum says we are very sweet and gentle, we love her plenty until the safehouse dad appears and then she just seems to vanish, well, we cannot see her anymore any way……….
We both love our toast in the morning and we like most veggies too.
We absolutely love cucumber or apple and if you can manage both, we will get along perfectly!
We also know when you are preparing food by the way, Cocky will do his happy dance on his food bowl and I will do my party-trick. I will let you find out about that…

In our safehouse there is a dog and a cat, they do not bother us, and we do not bother them. We are never allowed out with them either.

Our Safehouse mum also has visits from her young grandson who points at us and yells ”BURD!”
We already know what we are, so we just let him get on with it.

I am the talker as you may have already guessed. I say ”Hello”, ”hello Cocky”, ”Pretty boy”, ”Pretty, pretty boy” and I like to mumble so our Safehouse mum cannot understand what I am  saying. Cocky asks “what you doing” a lot.

It did take us a little while to settle, I was very shy at first. I do not step-up but will step from the cage to your shoulder (in fact, I insist!) Cocky steps up, but will not have a fuss, I on the other hand adore them and will demand them sometimes.
I also give kisses although our Safehouse mum calls them head butts.

We like to sit on top of the cage but are equally happy inside with our toys and we love to shred the cardboard kebabs our Safehouse mum makes for us.

I could go on and on, but I must stop somewhere, so to sum up, we are a couple of gentle characters, with sweet natures, gorgeous tail feathers and huge personalities once we are settled.

So, adopt us, you know you want to!

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