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Can you offer one of these parrots a forever home? We try our hardest to match you, and your family, with the right parrot, which will be based on their needs, and yours, so that you can all have a fantastic life together.

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Oscar - Senegal - 090720

Hi, my name is Oscar. I am 18 years old.

I am looking for a new home as my daddy has gone to heaven. I am a good little boy and I love to be out of my cage.

My safehouse mum offers me fresh fruit and vegetables daily but I am fussy, you will need to persevere with me until I get use to eating things that are good for me.

I am ok with other birds as my dad had a few others who lived with me.

I prefer men but am ok with women too, but men are my favourite.

I love to climb curtains or sit on someone’s shoulder. Cats and dogs do not bother me but as you know we cannot be out at the same time. I love to chatter and swing upside down on my cage bars, that is me showing off.

If you feel you can give me my forever home, please apply.
Lots of love Oscar.

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