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Can you offer one of these parrots a forever home? We try our hardest to match you, and your family, with the right parrot, which will be based on their needs, and yours, so that you can all have a fantastic life together.

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Sinbad – African Grey – SW76

Hello, my name is Sinbad. I am a gorgeous African Grey. My age is unknown.

I am a lovely little bird who is friendly when I have get to know you well. I am looking for a forever home where I can have plenty of attention. I love to be talked to, but I am not overly fond of being handled. My safehouse dad says I am like Jekyll and Hyde sometimes.  I want to have all the fuss and will just bite him… just because!

I am quite happy in my cage where I can just watch what is going on. When I do come out, I tend to just sit on top of my cage, I am not that fussed about being handled.

I can say a few words my favourite being a naughty swear word, my safehouse mum says I say it in the most appropriate of times. I can say “Sinbad, hello” and “night, night”.
I prefer men, but I will tolerate my safe house mum cleaning my cage and will not try to attack her. I will tolerate children when I am in my cage and will let them feed me through the bars.

I will not step up but if I land on the floor my safehouse dad picks me up like a chicken. I am not a noisy bird and I am very easy to look after. I am sure if you give me a forever home, I will give you years of enjoyment. So how about it?

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African Grey
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Newton Abbot