Mickey’s story

Hi, my name is Mickey. I was donated to Birdline three years ago. I was a very much-loved pet, but unfortunately my owners were never taught how to care for me properly and my health suffered as a consequence.

I lived on a “junk food” diet of black sunflower seed and monkey nuts, which are both very high in protein and fats – but low in the many other vitamins and nutrients I need to be healthy and happy. Eventually, I stopped eating and started to pluck out my feathers.

Poor diet can be a major cause of behavioural issues such as plucking. Unable to cope my owners surrendered me to the care of the rescue charity, Birdline. When the Birdline volunteers collected me, they didn’t think I would make the journey to my new home because I was so weak and thin. I was taken to a safehouse for care and rehabilitation. I was very frightened to start with, because although I had my own cage and toys, I was in strange place, with people that were new to me.

It took me a little while to get used to my safehouse parents and my new surroundings, but slowly we got to know each other. I was being given all these strange things to eat, that I’d never seen before like vegetables, fruit, nuts and chicken. It took me a little while to get used to all these different colours, textures and flavours, but slowly I began to get excited when my breakfast bowl came and I also started to gain weight and stopped pulling my feathers out.

Along with my new diet there was something else new happening in my life. This great big hand kept coming towards me and a voice kept saying ”tickle, tickle”.  To start with, I thought this was very frightening and on several occasions, I caused my safehouse Dad a lot of pain and bleeding because I bit him in order to defend myself. However, over the following weeks, I decided the “tickle tickle” was nice and not at all scary. I fell in love with my new safehouse family and the feeling became mutual. I am now fostered and have a forever home with them. I am now  a very happy, healthy and fortunate bird, who without Birdline Parrot Rescue may not be alive to tell my tale.

Love Mickey.