Barney- African Grey- 20117A & Pebbles – Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – 20117B

Hi, we are Barney & Pebbles. We need to be rehomed together.

I Barney, am an African Grey & my friend is called Pebbles, she is a Lesser Sulphur Crested (quiet) cockatoo. We, Barney and Pebbles both need a female carer as we are not too keen on men. Although we need to be homed together, we don’t interact with each other much but have spent our life together.  Barney likes to talk (a lot) and often says both our names along with some random phrases he’s picked up over the years. Pebbles very occasionally sounds like a coffee maker when she sees food she wants; Barney prefers to hang from his bell upside down and make as much noise as possible in the hope that he will get share of said food. We’re not keen on a shower or misting, we prefer to bath in our water bowl (especially when the hoover is on).

We will eat almost anything you have except Barney will not eat oranges or bananas. The safehouse we live in currently has a dog that has taught Pebbles to bark when the door goes. Barney likes to Miaow at the Safehouse dog or any dogs that visit. Both of us like out of cage time and Barney likes going for a wander on foot about the house. Me Pebbles likes to sit on top of my cage door or cage top. Pebbles will only step up when prompted by a covered hand (towel or blanket) otherwise she doesn’t come away from her cage at all.
Every morning we start our day with a kiss from our Safehouse mum and end our day the same way. We even make a kissing noise from time to time. Barney likes to dance and will often do it spontaneously or by prompting. Barneys favourite thing to do is play with his bell, Pebbles on the other hand likes to wrap herself in toilet roll and chew on it, often looking like a bride (or an Egyptian Mummy), supervised of course.  
Can you be our new mummy? Please apply if you would like to offer us a home.  

Cage: Yes

Location: Glasgow  

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