Billy – Senegal – 050419

Hello, my name is Billy and I am a handsome 15-year-old Senegal male.
I love the human world and all that it has to offer, pasta as a treat being one of them but mostly, I love the company of people. I like someone to sit and be look out while I eat my seed mix. I live with a dog who is fine he knows his place in the pecking order and the cat is a lazy black thing with a sly face obviously they are never allowed in the room when I am out.
I really like Claire in my safehouse she spent a lot of time with me over Christmas and now she can stroke massage and handle me, and I return the favour by grooming her. I do have some odd habits like landing on heads when I get let out and I put myself back in when I am ready.
I am quite shy about new things so need time and patience to adjust to changes and I do bite occasionally when I am really frightened. I like my cage home the way I have it arranged at present so would be grateful if new furniture is introduced very slowly. I can mimic all the sounds that come from the kitchen and when I hear singing well, I just join in too and dance at the same time. I am the most reliable doorbell you will ever have especially when the dog is told off for making all the noise. I also like Claire’s’ 13-year-old daughter she and I blow raspberries at each other its very satisfying.
Seriously though folks if you can be patient understanding and have the time to invest in me, I will give you all the companionship and love that I am capable of in return.

Cage: Yes

Location: Henstridge, Somerset

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