Boycie – Black Headed Caique – 780517

Hello, Boycie here, I’m looking for some new humans to love. I’m a happy little chap and like both male and female carers and most children (I have taken a strong dislike to one in the past though so my amiability is not a given).

I am a confident guy who is looking for a family who will be able to spend time with me I like human company. I don’t fly far, more of a downward glide and then I enjoy trotting about on the floor investigating things and following you about. I’ve not been destructive but records show it’s best to be supervise me.
I enjoy a good shower/spray.

I’m on a seed diet and I love my fruit, not so keen on vegetables or them pellet things though. I like to soak my food in my water dish. I can say a few things like “Marlene” and “What you doing”? and will call out to you if I know your about. I live with a few parrots here but they have no interest in me. I did spend time in the aviary with cockatiels at my previous safehouse. There is a dog here but I don’t pay her any mind.

I like to sleep in a coconut at bedtime too. My housekeeper says I’m no trouble and have been a sweetie to look after. So still interested in me? Could you be my “Marlene”? Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love Boycie.

Cage: No

Location: Hampshire

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