Chilli – Sun Conure – 080319

Hello, my name is Chilli. I am a 15 year old Sun Conure. So, I have a lovely loud voice which I am very proud of and is very useful in making announcements. I announce when everyone comes home when I need fresh food and water and when there’s something exciting happening and my family are excited, I love to join in. When I first went to live with my safehouse family I had a lot of announcements to make but now I mainly softly chatter and click affectionately.

I spent most of my life with my mum who was very disabled, and she absolutely adored me however she found it very difficult to care for me, but I was very close to her until she passed away. I couldn’t come out of my cage at all, so I am now enjoying my newfound freedom. I love to climb around my cage and on shelves I even fly to my Safehouse mum to stop her pesky partner from getting too close to her as I am very bonded to her. She wants desperately to keep me but knows she does not have the time I need. I love to come out in the mornings (if I can) and in the evenings. I love spending time in my nest I may get a bit amorous and napping is a must. My Safehouse mum has been trying to encourage me to play more so hides my treats in my pinecone and coconut shells which I love. Me and my safehouse mum love being together I beat my wings excitedly when I see her. Sometimes I climb up her arm and on to her shoulder when she leans on my cage, but she is not allowed to pet me as I fear hands. I will eat treats when I am up there and watch other birds on her mobile phone.

I am hoping to find a home with just ladies (and no cats) that have plenty of time and patience for me and are very kind. I love being spoken to and have a lot of love to give although I can get very jealous of other people. It would be wonderful if I could find a home with someone who has more time so I can truly settle and have a wonderful life in a forever home.

Cage: Yes

Location: North Newton, Somerset

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