Foggy – African Grey – 1090717

Hello, my name is Foggy I am 30 years old and in very good condition.

I can be a right chatter box and I love to be out my cage. If you let me come to you, I will come for cuddles. I do prefer the ladies but I don’t step up on your hand if you use a Cushion I will step up on that and u can walk me around or just sit me on your lap. If I want cuddles I will come sit on your shoulder if not I will fly to my cage. You will soon learn what I want to do.
I love nothing more then listening to music and singing and dancing to it. My safehouse mum thinks I am funny.

Can someone please be my new family so I can have my forever home? You will not be disappointed in me. I will make you very happy especially with the things I come out with. I will bring a smile to your face every day.

Comes with cage: Yes

Location: Somerset

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