Lotty – Timneh Grey – 100719

Hello there, my name is Lotty I’m 23 years old…yes, I know I look young don’t I? ha-ha.
I’m looking for my forever home as in my last home I bit my dad quite hard bit I didn’t mean too…. I just got scared and then I wasn’t allowed out of my cage for many years because he was scared I would do it again.  

My safehouse mum and dad just can’t believe how brave I’ve been coming out of my cage that Birdline gave me because my old house wasn’t suitable. I like to have a wonder on the floor being nosey. I love the little girl that lives with me she’s 4 and we love to dance together. I do talk now and again, and a few naughty words just slip out.
My safehouse mum and dad would have loved to keep me but they have 3 birds already and they think I would be better in a home with less birds so I can have more attention to help me get over how nervous I can be. I have stepped up for my safehouse mum and dad, but I’m just scared and nervous. So, if you think you can help me in the next chapter of my life then please fill in the application form. I’m feather perfect as you can see.

Look forward to meeting you…. Lotty x

Location: Lampeter

Cage: Yes

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