Rocky – African Grey – 590416

Hello, my name is Rocky I am an African Grey.

I love men and really love my safehouse dad and his son.

I love a head tickle and sitting on a man’s shoulder, but I really don’t like my body being stroked. I like some women and use to belong to one, but I am picky who I chose if your female. I won’t come onto all woman but if your female, you can touch me through a cage and give me head scratches and I will give you kisses through the cage. I will have need time to get to know you properly before that.

When I’m out of my cage I will play games with my safehouse mummy, but she doesn’t touch me.

I love to talk, and I do lots of funny noises.

I like to try and confuse the dog when my safe mummy tries to let her outside, I call her back, so the dog comes in and out not knowing what is going on ha-ha.

I am very comical, and I will make a great long-term companion, but I must have a man living with me.

I also let you know when I’m tired at night I say night, night Rocky and then you have to come and say night, night back to me,  I may give you a kiss if I’m in the mood and then you can put my cover over me and tuck me in.

Cage: Yes

Location: Herne Bay, Kent

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