Sammy – Senegal – 4720613

Hello folks, Sammie – King of the Swing here. I’m looking for a new family to look after me. I’m not touchable at present but who knows with the right person whom has time and patience I may come around. Although I quite like my safehouse mum she thinks that I may be more of a man’s bird and I have also shown interest in older children. I can give a hard bite if scared so it’s something that needs to be considered. I can talk and am quite a chatty chap, I’ll call out Cooeee, hello Sammie, and give us a kiss, amongst other things. I have a deep voice so there’s stuff that still hasn’t been translated. I like to whistle and will join in dancing if it’s going on.
I’m a busy chap in my cage and will use all the space. My favourite thing is my swing and I can really work it. I also enjoy those wooden jelly potholders/perches (but not the jelly), cardboard and natural type hanging things to destroy. I will come out of my cage by myself and am learning to put myself away (new food seems to entice me back in) but I prefer not to be watched whilst I’m doing this. I can fly but I’m not so accurate on the landing part. You may need to towel me to get me back to where I’m supposed to be.
I eat well and like my fresh fruit. I’m on a seed-based diet and will chuck the bits I don’t like over my shoulder. I will take titbits nicely from fingers though. So, if you’re not put off by my lack of handleability and am happy to accept that then I really am a great and funny little companion. I used to live with another Senegal, but he died. I have a Senegal at my Safehouse but he is not interested in me.

I need a new cage but have a nice travel carrier and travel well, I’m bringing my bits n bobs too.

Comes with Cage: No

Location: Hampshire

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