Kuku – African Grey

Hi, my name is Kuku and this is my story... I came into Birdline several years ago from a loving family; but unfortunately my owners circumstances had changed and I was left home alone for long periods of time. Because I was lonely I started to pluck my feathers and then progressed to self-harming - particularly nibbling my cloaca (bottom). I have had many operations down below and because of this my tail feathers will probably never grow back. But my Mum says I am still beautiful even without my red tail.
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I’ve given my Safehouse parents lots of cause for concern since I came to stay with them. Most recently Mum found me on the bottom of my cage, head down, making lots of squeaking noises which was a sign i was feeling very poorly. Mum started to panic (as usual) and rushed me into the car, holding me all the way to the vets. “What’s wrong with you?” she kept asking – as if I would know!

Our lovely vet was there waiting for us, he whisked me away to the examination room – Mum said it felt like forever. The vet discovered I was egg bound, and he needed to remove the egg. Unfortunately, my inside are not normal and things aren’t where they are supposed to be due to the scar tissue  from previous surgeries. This made the operation to remove the egg difficult, but he assured us all that he had put me back together the best he could. He also gave me a hormone implant  to prevent me from producing any more eggs. We were sent home with pain relief and antibiotics and were told the next 72 hours were critical. My safe house Dad stayed up with me for 3 nights and I was watched around the clock to make sure I was OK,  I was for about a week, however, my squeaking continued, my poo wasn’t right and I really was not myself.

My Safehouse family were devastated, they thought that this was the end for me. Another vet appointment was made, and this time my Safehouse family really did not think I was going to come home. To their dismay they discovered I had produced another egg (the hormone implant takes 2 to 3 weeks to take effect) and so i had to have another surgery to remove it. Again, we were sent home with more pain relief and antibiotics and another warning that the next 72 hours are crucial. The vet also said that if I made a 3rd egg, the outcome would probably not be so good, but that I am a fighter and I want to live…those of you that know me will agree!

Birdline has truly saved my life. Because of all the surgeries I’ve had in the past, I am unable to obtain insurance. The vet bills for my recent illnesses have cost nearly £2000. Birdline has covered these cost from membership fees and donations from people like you.

My Safehouse family have now fostered me, and I am truly delighted to have a forever home with them. They are doing car boot sales to try and pay back some of the money Birdline have spent on me. If you could find it in your heart to sponsor me, I would be truly grateful.

Thanks Kuku xx

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