Meet the team 2

Photo of Suzanne Connett Suzanne Connett Rescue & Events Director – SW England
Photo of Traci Kirkland Traci Kirkland Rescue Director – Scotland
Photo of Melinda Laws Melinda Laws Rehoming Director & Rescue Director – England: South East, North & Wales
Photo of Angie Allen Angie Allen Area Manager – Dumfries and Galloway
Photo of Maureen Brown Maureen Brown Area Manager- Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire
Photo of Carol Davies Carol Davies Area Manager – Wales
Photo of Helen Fulton Helen Fulton Area Manager – Renfrewshire
Photo of Rena McKechnie Rena McKechnie Area Manager – Fife
Photo of Charlotte Riley Charlotte Riley Records Manager, Supervisor South East & Events & Area Manager – Kent
Photo of Nicholas Spiller Nicholas Spiller Area Manager – Dorset
Photo of Sarah Jayne Turner Sarah Jayne Turner Area Manager – East & West Sussex
Photo of Kylie Bailey Kylie Bailey Area Coordinator – Gloucester
Photo of Derek Bridges Derek Bridges Area Coordinator – Oxfordshire
Photo of Debra Brinklow Debra Brinklow Area Coordinator
Photo of Keith Brown Keith Brown Area Coordinator – Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire
Photo of Mark Carr Mark Carr Area Coordinator – Devon
Photo of Rebecca Carter Rebecca Carter Area Coordinator – Sussex
Photo of Sue Darley Sue Darley Area Coordinator – Yorkshire
Photo of Vanessa Davies Vanessa Davies Area Coordinator – Suffolk
Photo of Gillian Donald Gillian Donald Area Coordinator – South Lanarkshire
Photo of Olivia Duncan Olivia Duncan Area Coordinator – Plymouth & Cornwall
Photo of Natalia Dziekan Wisniewska Natalia Dziekan Wisniewska Rehoming Officer & Area Coordinator – Manchester
Photo of Tracey Elphick Tracey Elphick Area Coordinator – West Sussex
Photo of Elizabeth Hopkins Elizabeth Hopkins Area Coordinator – Glamorgan
Photo of Lisa Janes Lisa Janes Area Coordinator – Carmarthenshire
Photo of Michael Janes Michael Janes Area Coordinator – Carmarthenshire
Photo of Natasha Keith Natasha Keith Area Coordinator – North Yorkshire
Photo of Claire Longworth Claire Longworth Communications,, Website Dev. & Area Coordinator – London
Photo of Callum Miller Callum Miller Area Coordinator – Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire. & Warwickshire
Photo of Sonia Norman Sonia Norman Area Coordinator
Photo of Mark and Gillian Page Mark and Gillian Page Area Coordinators – Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire
Photo of Maggie Philllips Maggie Philllips Area Co-Ordinator – Lancashire
Photo of Janet Potter Janet Potter Area Coordinator – Eastbourne
Photo of Victoria Raimes Victoria Raimes Area Coordinator – Midlothian
Photo of Justin Read Justin Read Area Coordinator – Gloucestershire
Photo of Lyndsey Shorrock Lyndsey Shorrock Rehoming Officer & Area Coordinator – Northamptonshire
Photo of Lana Twiname Lana Twiname Area Coordinator – Kirkcudbrightshire,
Photo of Bryan Wall Bryan Wall Rehoming Officer & Area Coordinator – Shropshire, Shrewsbury & Herefordshire
Photo of Abby Barnett Abby Barnett Rehoming Officer & Home Checker – Hampshire
Photo of Chris Clark Chris Clark Rehoming Officer & Home Checker – Kent
Photo of Maxine Johnson Maxine Johnson Fundraiser
Photo of Sarah Petts Sarah Petts Home Checker – Hampshire
Photo of Vicky Whitfield Vicky Whitfield Home Checker – Essex
Photo of Michelle Chantler Michelle Chantler Volunteer
Photo of Paul Chantler Paul Chantler Volunteer
Photo of Ian Saywell Ian Saywell Volunteer
Photo of Mark Small Mark Small Volunteer
Photo of Louise Ballantyne Louise Ballantyne Rehoming Officer
Photo of Ria Cooper Ria Cooper Rehoming Officer
Photo of Amie Esslemont Amie Esslemont Rehoming Officer
Photo of Lula Fae-Kochanowski Lula Fae-Kochanowski Home Checker & Collections Volunteer – County Durham
Photo of Chris Maddex Chris Maddex Website Manager
Photo of Lynette Rogers Lynette Rogers ACO – South Devon
Photo of John Scott John Scott Rehoming Officer
Photo of John Tolliday John Tolliday Finance Manager
Photo of Gonda Vanden Eynde Gonda Vanden Eynde Home Checker & Collections Volunteer – Northumberland
Photo of Stacey Vickery Stacey Vickery Home Checker – Wiltshire