1. Vet Fees

    Every year more than half Birdline's income goes on vet fees in order to care for sick and injured birds. As an exotic creature, parrots need specialist care from Avian Vets and these don't come cheep (cheap).
    £1,527.00 + £95.50 Gift Aid donated
  2. Fundraising

    Do you want to help Birdline birds by doing some fundraising? Some of our members like to help raise funds by selling things, holding auctions or raffles to get donations for the birds. Pay here if you have purchased anything from the above list for fundraising held by our members. Thank you for your kind donations.
    £1,328.00 + £48.24 Gift Aid donated
  3. Cage Fund

    We would love to see birds outside roaming round like they were created to do. Unfortunately. that is just not possible for birds bred in captivity, as they don't know how to survive in the wild. No bird should be shut in a cage and not allowed time out, however Parrots do find safety and comfort in their cages. Could you help to provide a bird a new home to call their very own?
    £430.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid donated
  4. Nuts about birds?

    Are you as nuts about birds as we are? If so, perhaps you would like to help a parrot get the care, equipment and medical attention which they need (we provide the TLC for free).
    £3,628.00 + £201.25 Gift Aid donated
  1. Kuku – African Grey

    Hi, my name is Kuku and this is my story... I came into Birdline several years ago from a loving family; but unfortunately my owners circumstances had changed and I was left home alone for long periods of time. Because I was lonely I started to pluck my feathers and then progressed to self-harming - particularly nibbling my cloaca (bottom). I have had many operations down below and because of this my tail feathers will probably never grow back. But my Mum says I am still beautiful even without my red tail.
    £110.00 + £27.50 Gift Aid donated
  2. Bubble and Squeak - african grey parrots

    Bubble and Squeak – foreverhome

    Bubble & Squeak turned out to be a recipe for heartbreak - so Birdline have cooked up a plan to give them a safe and secure home they both deserve and we need your help to make it happen….
    £1,619.00 + £61.25 Gift Aid donated of £5,000.00 goal
  3. Sponsor Rosie

    Hi my name is Rosie and I am a very beautiful female eclectus, yes beautiful that's what my mummy calls me. She says I am a gorgeous birdie who likes to sit on people's shoulders and hang out, whilst snuggling into your neck.
    £40.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid donated
  4. Sponsor Peeko

    Peeko came to Birdline with a broken leg. His previous owner had taken him to a vet who told her there was nothing that could be done for him and advised putting Peeko to sleep. This is just one example of why it is essential that you always take your parrot to a specialist Avian vet....
    £110.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid donated
  5. Sponsor Ziggy

    This is Ziggy He was handed into Birdline as he has a dislike of men and attacks them. He also has seizures which have gotten worse over time and he now has to be medicated four times a day, for the rest of his life. Would you like to help put the bounce back in this cutie and help with his ongoing medical costs?
    £117.00 + £6.25 Gift Aid donated
  6. Sponsor Rani

    Rani was sadly handed into birdline when her owner’s decline in health meant she was no longer able to look after her. She is a feisty little lady, whose name means Queen, and she really does live up to expectations, being imperious at times! She has really blossomed whilst living with her new foster mummy. However, she does have some long term health problems and needs your support.
    £85.00 donated
  7. Sponsor Darcy

    Darcy is an adorable Ducorps cockatoo who loves to dance. She was named after the ballerina and Strictly judge, Darcy Bussel. She does indeed look like a ballerina, as her wing feathers look like a glorious tutu. However, she has severe medical and behavioural needs and needs close monitoring and supervision...
    £100.00 donated
  8. Sponsor Monty

    Monty was handed into Birdline due to being a mutilator and an aggressive bird. He was only 1 years old. After visiting an avian vet, they found that Monty had Arthritis in his feet and was ripping his feet to bits because of pain. Monty is now on painkillers for life and often suffers relapses...
    £238.00 + £8.25 Gift Aid donated
  9. Sponsor Mac

    Hi, my name is Mac. I arrived in Birdline a short while ago and as you can see from my photo, I'm not in the best of health.
    £235.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid donated
  10. Sponsor Andy

    When Andy was handed into Birdline he was overweight. After having blood tests, it revealed Andy had a fatty liver, and high Cholesterol and due to this he is now on medication for life.
    £49.00 + £5.50 Gift Aid donated